Today The World Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of all lots of Arize Herbal Dietary Supplement Capsules Due to the Presence of Undeclared Nortadalafil.  Learn More



  • I have been using Arize for about a year now. Never disappoints! Not only that, but it helps to increase my ejaculate volume. Super happy with the results-Thanks Arize!

  • I have been using Arize for 8 years. I stick with Arize because it has never failed me. Usually works within 45 minutes after taking 1 capsule. The results I get are amazing; I can always count on a steel-like erection and it’s always in my system for 3-4 days, so I get multiple bangs for my buck.(literally).NO reason to ever switch to another product!

    Joe P.
    Bozeman, Montana
  • A friend of mine suggested I try Arize because I have anxiety ED-in other words, I get really nervous when it comes time to do penetration for intercourse. I can be all turned on and at the last second, I lose it. This has happened to me multiple times with different women. I took 2 Arize about 45 minutes before starting love making session and I didn’t lose it at the last second…COOL! I can’t even express how much that did for my confidence!. Not only that, but my erection quality was incredible -I was able to last about 30 minutes and my girl was more than happy with the results. The recovery time was also pretty quick-meaning I was able to go again in about an hour. Thanks Arize!

    Justin G.
    Portland, OR
  • I’m a guy that experiments with male enhancement formulas all the time. I like to have the edge in the bedroom. I like for my penis to be so rock hard it feels like its going to explode and the sensitivity is so high because the skin is stretched to the absolute max! Not only that, but the female I am with loves to know that I am that excited with her. Arize brings me that! What more can I say except that Arize is the product that will give you everything and more you could want from a dick pill. Get some Arize and try it for yourself.

    De-Wayne J.
    Memphis, TN

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