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My Story

Can we speak frankly?
Have you tried other products? There are many on the market. Everyone says that their products work. Personally, I have tried many of the products out there. They all claim to make you bigger or harder, help you produce more testosterone and/or treat ED or impotence. I say BS! Through the years, I have tried at least 30 different products with ZERO results.

I am 59, have had ED problems for over 10 years. I have tried everything new that comes out.
All these companies swear their natural formulas work. Well maybe if you have a mild case of "can't get it up sometimes."
But if you can't complete a sexual episode; like stay hard throughout until you ejaculate, then probably the only thing you can COUNT ON, is Viagra or some form of it. UNTIL NOW!

Or, if you find that you are only half hard, or feel like you wish you could have super hard, super strong erections, or just want to put some "spice" into your sex life...AriZe is the product to do it.

When we developed the formula for AriZe, we knew it had to work. Much testing of different herbal combinations and years of research have gone into developing this product.  Once I personally tried the formula, to my amazement it worked! Not only was I able to maintain and keep a very hard erection for over an hour during sex, but found myself aroused and actually had sex with my partner 3 times that first day, twice the second day, and twice the 3rd day.

I wake up with "morning wood" every day and my woman is absolutely amazed that her man is always ready these days.
UPDATE 10-9-13: Since using AriZe myself, I no longer use Viagra. My personal testosterone levels have increased dramatically. I found this out by having blood tests ordered by my doctor. A year and a half ago, I had them tested and they were low. Now my doctor says they are quite high for my age and she asked me what am I doing different. I gave her the link to the website and she is now recommending patients who complain of ED or sexual dysfunction to try AriZe

I feel like I'm 30 again! I am so amazed with the results of this product and I know you will be too. 

Here are some reviews by satisfied customers:


Well, I'm not old, but WOW! I am so amazed at the results. Not that I "need" help, but a friend gave me a couple capsules to try and all I can say is WOW! I will spare you the graphic details but I will say: ARIZE IS AMAZING!!!!                   Sunday September 22,2013

My partner and I have been enjoying the best sex we have had in years ..thanks to Arize. I am an alternative lifestyle person and my recommendation is this is fabulous stuff..you simply must try it, even if you don't  have "problems"                  Thursday July 11, 2013

Julian C , U.K.                      Tuesday April 23, 2013
Congratulations on having a first class product! It is fair to say I have been a subscriber to herbal ED products for 5 years, and they have worked to an extent. Your product is better than any I have previously tried. I took 2 capsules and my whole weekend was sorted. Even now, 4 days after I can still experience the benefits. Forget the rest and in the future I will purchase from you on a monthly basis!

mysterblues                                 Tuesday Feb 12,2013
This is the best I have tried!My girl can't believe the difference!
Saturday, 12-January-2013
Gary G
I have been using Arize for over six years.I have had no ill effects from this product. I am 73 years old and still can keep my lady very happy.A great product!
Thursday, 20-December-2012
What a wonderful product! My husband has been taking Arize for 3 years now, and him and I have never been happier. Thank you
Sunday, 17-October-2010
Well, I'm amazed. I'm 66 years old, taking about 10 different medical pills daily. Because of the bloontrol medicines, which lower my blood pressure, I've been impotent for about a year and a half. Thus, when I took my first dosis of ARIZE, I began checking my blood pressure almost every hour. My blood presure remained exactly at 136/68 NO CHANGE!! Yet, I had and 80 or 90% erection. On my second dosis, three days later, I increased it to three capsules and its working fine for me with a full erection. ARIZE really works!!
Bob B.
Friday, 28-May-2010
My name is Bob, and I just turned forty nine last month. When I was forty two I suffered a brain injury from a twenty four year Printing job. I have suffered with loss of Libido, some impotence and peripheal neuropathy for some years now. Along with this I have been diagnosed with MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Thus many herbs and vitamins can and do make me ill. I just got back from a months visit to the Philippines to see my fiance. I took two ARIZE capsules every three days, and I was like an absolute sexual animal all month, with NO detrimental side affects whatsoever! Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing product!
Vishwanath Patil
Sunday, 04-April-2010
Thanks to ARIZE, I now have a fulfilling sex life that I never had before! My wife jokingly suggested that I should act in porn movies now!
Lee H.H.
Wednesday, 08-July-2009
Being diabetic, I had trouble getting an erection. The first time I used ARIZE, I got an almost immediate uplifting effect. My wife was stunned!
Iskandar B. N.
Thursday, 26-March-2009
After I lost my job, I became very depressed. Sex was the furthest thing on my mind then. Even my naked girlfriend couldn't turn me on. I felt I had to do something before she leaves me for someone else. A friend told me about ARIZE and bam, I am having the best sex ever!
Mike G.
Monday, 18-August-2008
I want you to know that I received my free sample of ARIZE a few weeks ago and although it was too impractical at the time to have a romantic rendezvous, I took the capsules anyway and I became thoroughly convinced of the product's potency. My generative organ had not felt so healthy in years!
Dr. Bernhard S.
Saturday, 05-January-2008
I am a medical doctor by profession. Years of drinking and smoking took a toll on my sex organs. As a result, I could not have and even I did (occasi I could not maintain a stout erection. I didn't take Viagra because of its side effects. A friend from South Africa recommended me to ARIZE. As it is herbal, I felt safe to ingest. To cut to the chase, I am now able to enjoy a full session of satisfying love-making with my wife 3 times a week. By the way, I am 62 years old.
Subramaniam A.
Wednesday, 14-November-2007
Premature ejaculation - that's my biggest problem. My girlfriend left me for my best friend after failing to get satisfaction in bed from me. It busted my ego for sure. I tried all ways to solve it but to no avail, until I discovered ARIZE. After being on this god-sent herb for a week, not only was my problem gone, I can last 30 minutes without a problem...
Alvin C.
Saturday, 12-May-2007
I'll be honest with you... I don't have erectile dysfunction. I take ARIZE merely to improve my performance. On my first try, it took me about 15 minutes to get the hardest imaginable erection of my life! Mind you, at that time, I was just having a cola while watching MTV. There was no stimulation - mental or physical. The next time I had it, me and my girlfriend had the greatest sex ever, which lasted well over 1-1/2 hours! Ever since then, I have come to rely on ARIZE whenever I need to have great sex!
Chris Y.
Wednesday, 07-March-2007
I don't have any sexual problem but have always dreamt of doing it longer. Last night, I went on for an hour! Whoaaaa!
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